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Storm Reid, an American actress born on July 3, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia, has taken Hollywood by storm with her exceptional talent and passion for acting. From a young age, she dreamt of becoming an actor, and at the age of 9, she and her family relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her aspirations. Since then, Storm has graced both the big and small screens, leaving audiences captivated with her performances. Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of this rising star.

Storm Reid Early Life and Education:

Storm Reid was born to Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the youngest of her siblings, with two sisters, Iman and Paris, and an older brother, Josh. Storm’s desire to act started at an early age, and at just three years old, she appeared in her first television commercial. Her passion for acting only grew stronger over the years, and her family supported her wholeheartedly. At the age of nine, they made the significant decision to move to Los Angeles, where she could pursue acting opportunities more readily.

Storm Reid Career:

Storm Reid’s talent quickly shone through, and she started her journey in the entertainment industry by appearing in television shows like “Adam DeVine’s House Party,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” and “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.” However, it was her role in the award-winning 2013 drama film, “12 Years a Slave,” alongside celebrated actors like Brad Pitt and Paul Giamatti, that catapulted her into the spotlight

She continued to impress audiences with her acting skills and appeared in several other projects, including the 2015 film “The Summoning” and the family drama “An American Girl: Lea to the Rescue.” In 2017, Storm showcased her versatility by taking on the role of Tina Wolfe in the sci-fi drama “Sleight.” Her performances were well-received, further solidifying her place in Hollywood.

Storm Reid Personal Life:

Beyond her acting career, Storm Reid has also been making headlines for her personal life. She found love with Sayeed Shahidi after they met at the Disney XD Jungle Ball celebration in February 2017. The couple attended the same high school and graduated together from Saint Francis High School in 2022. They have been seen together at various Hollywood events and proms during their time in high school.

Passion for Inspiring Others:

What sets Storm Reid apart is not just her acting talent but also her commitment to inspiring and empowering young people. Alongside her acting career, she uses her platform to motivate others, especially aspiring young actors, to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Her dedication to education is also noteworthy, as she is a talented student who enjoys subjects like math and science. Besides acting, Storm has interests in singing and sketching, showcasing her creativity in multiple aspects.

Net Worth:

Storm Reid’s hard work and dedication have paid off, and she has built an impressive net worth of approximately $800,000. At such a young age, she has already achieved significant success, and her future in the entertainment industry looks exceptionally bright.


Storm Reid, the talented and passionate American actress, continues to shine in Hollywood. Her journey from a young girl with big dreams to a rising star is inspiring to many. With her exceptional acting abilities, dedication to education, and commitment to inspiring others, Storm Reid is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. As she continues to explore new horizons, audiences can eagerly anticipate her future projects, knowing they are witnessing the rise of a remarkable talent in Hollywood.

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