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Bregje Heinen is a Dutch model born on March 5, 1993, in Borculo, Netherlands. She gained widespread recognition for her work with Victoria’s Secret and has since become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Bregje began her modeling career at a young age and quickly rose to prominence due to her striking features and charismatic presence on the runway.

Bregje Heinen Husband and Children:

Bregje Heinen has not publicly disclosed information about her marital status or children. For the most recent updates, please refer to trusted news sources or her official social media profiles.

Bregje Heinen Net Worth:

Bregje Heinen’s net worth was estimated to be around $3 million. This figure is primarily attributed to her successful modeling career and various brand endorsements.

Bregje Heinen Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Bregje Heinen is active on Instagram (@bregjeheinenn) and has a substantial following. Her social media presence allows her to connect with fans and share updates about her career and personal life.

Bregje Heinen Boyfriend:

there was no publicly available information about Bregje Heinen’s current romantic relationship. Again, for the most recent updates, please refer to trusted news sources or her official social media profiles.

Bregje Heinen House and Cars:

Specific details about Bregje Heinen’s residence and vehicles are not publicly available.

Bregje Heinen Age and Real Name:

Bregje Heinen was born on March 5, 1993, which would make her 30 years old. Her real name is indeed Bregje Heinen.

Bregje Heinen Tribe and Religion:

Bregje Heinen’s ethnicity is Dutch, and she has not publicly disclosed information about her specific tribal affiliation. Regarding religion, no information is available in the public domain.

Bregje Heinen State of Origin:

Bregje Heinen hails from Borculo, a town in the Gelderland province of the Netherlands.

Bregje Heinen Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

As a public figure, Bregje Heinen’s personal contact information, including phone and WhatsApp numbers, are not publicly disclosed for privacy and security reasons.

Bregje Heinen Residential House Address:

For privacy and security reasons, the specific address of Bregje Heinen’s residence is not publicly available.

Bregje Heinen Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Details about Bregje Heinen’s educational background and the schools she attended are not widely documented.

Bregje Heinen Career and Source of Wealth:

Bregje Heinen’s career in modeling began at a young age, and she quickly gained recognition in the industry. Her association with Victoria’s Secret significantly contributed to her fame. She has also worked with numerous other high-profile brands and has been featured in various fashion magazines. Her source of wealth primarily stems from her successful modeling career, brand endorsements, and related ventures.


Bregje Heinen, a Dutch model, has made a significant mark in the fashion industry, especially through her work with Victoria’s Secret. Her charismatic presence and striking features have garnered her a substantial following. While information about her personal life may not be extensively available, her career achievements continue to inspire aspiring models around the world.

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