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Annaliza Seagal, born in the United States in 1987, is a popular American internet personality and the daughter of renowned actor and martial artist, Steven Seagal, and iconic actress Kelly LeBrock. Despite her famous parents, Annaliza has managed to keep her private life away from the public eye. In this blog post, we’ll explore some key aspects of Annaliza’s life, including her family background, career, and her preference for a private life.

Annaliza Seagal Family and Early Life:

Raised in the United States, Annaliza grew up with her sister Arissa LeBrock and brother Dominic Seagal. She also has two step-siblings, Kentaro Seagal and Kunzang Seagal, and two half-sisters, Savannah Seagal and Ayako Fujitani. Being part of a celebrity family, she has managed to maintain a lower profile compared to her sister Arissa, who is more known in the public eye.

Annaliza Seagal Career:

While Annaliza has chosen to stay away from the limelight, her father, Steven Seagal, is a multi-talented figure, excelling as an actor, screenwriter, producer, martial artist, and musician. He made history as the first foreigner to teach martial arts at an aikido dojo in Japan before relocating to Los Angeles. On the other hand, Annaliza’s mother, Kelly LeBrock, gained fame as a model and actress, featuring in notable films like “The Woman in Red” and “Weird Science.”

Annaliza Seagal Net Worth:

Despite her relatively private lifestyle, Annaliza Seagal has made her mark as an internet personality and has amassed a net worth of $2 million. Her fame and net worth are also attributed to being the daughter of two prominent Hollywood stars.

Annaliza Seagal Personal Life:

Annaliza Seagal is known for keeping her personal life away from the media and public attention. Unlike some of her famous siblings, she prefers to maintain a considerable distance from the spotlight. Her choice to lead a private life has garnered respect from her fans and the media, who try to respect her boundaries.

Annaliza Seagal Height and Weight:

Standing at a height of 172 cm (approximately 5 feet 8 inches) and weighing around 63 kilograms, Annaliza possesses a graceful and elegant presence.


Annaliza Seagal, the daughter of Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock, has managed to carve her own path away from the glare of the public eye. As an internet personality, she has earned her own following while maintaining a sense of privacy. With a successful career and supportive family, Annaliza continues to lead a life of her own, distinct from the fame of her parents.

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