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Skinnyfromthe9, also known as David Alex Villegas, is a prominent American rapper and singer who has rapidly risen to fame in the music industry. Born on December 19, 1995, in Hialeah, Florida, he grew up facing financial struggles and homelessness. Despite the challenges, Skinnyfromthe9 pursued his passion for music, becoming a recognized name with his hit songs and signing a significant contract with a record label.

Net Worth:

As of 2023, Skinnyfromthe9 boasts a net worth of approximately $1 million. His remarkable journey in the music industry, coupled with hit songs and lucrative deals, has contributed to his growing wealth. He earns around $10,000 monthly and his yearly income is estimated to be over $100,000.

Career Highlights:

Skinnyfromthe9 embarked on his music career by uploading his songs on SoundCloud in 2016. His breakthrough came in 2017 with the release of “Family Rich,” a track that featured Jay Critch. However, it was his song “Love Blast” that truly propelled him into the spotlight, amassing over 3.5 million streams on SoundCloud. This success caught the attention of L.A. Reid’s record label, HITCO, leading to a pivotal contract signing in 2018.

In the same year, Skinnyfromthe9 released his debut mixtape, “It’s An Evil World,” further solidifying his presence in the industry. He continued to release captivating tracks like “Back When I Was Broke,” “Pink Choppas,” “Alone,” and “Songs About You,” even while facing challenges like jail time. His resilience and dedication to his craft helped him gain recognition as a talented singer and rapper.

Early Life and Background:

Born to Colombian and Dominican families, Skinnyfromthe9 had a challenging upbringing. His parents’ legal troubles and financial instability led him to spend his teenage years in homeless shelters and hotels. In the face of adversity, he turned to music, practicing hip-hop and honing his skills. With the support of his father, he acquired a microphone to aid his practice.

Personal Details:

Skinnyfromthe9, standing at 5’6″ (1.68m) and weighing 174 lbs (79 kg), possesses a unique blend of Colombian and Dominican heritage. His real name, David Alex Villegas, took a back seat to his stage name, inspired by his nickname “Skinny.” He was born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, and his dark brown eyes and black hair contribute to his distinctive appearance.

Social Media Presence:

Skinnyfromthe9 has a substantial following on social media platforms, reflecting his popularity. His Instagram account boasts almost 107,000 followers, while his Twitter account has around 26,000 followers. His Facebook page has accumulated an audience of nearly 38,000 followers. Although his YouTube and LinkedIn profiles are not available, his online presence remains strong.


Skinnyfromthe9’s journey from a challenging background to a rising star in the music industry is a testament to his determination and passion. With hit songs, a significant contract, and a growing fan base, he has earned his place among notable artists. As he continues to create music and develop his career, Skinnyfromthe9’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and individuals facing adversity.

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