Ruger Harassment Video: Ruger Was Harassed On Stage While Performing

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We are sorry the development actually received right here late on Info9jatv. Ruger was publicly harassed on stage whereas he was performing, a woman grabbed the stick in-between his legs whereas he was performing. Watch video below.

Meanwhile, we will be talking regarding the harassment video and the Girls assertion after the video has gone viral.

Ruger Harassment Video: Ruger Was Harassed On Stage While Performing

Let’s focus on Ruger harassment first, the we slide to the lady’s assertion.

Ruger Harassment Video On Stage: As seen throughout the video making rounds on the internet, Ruger was energetically singing his hit music, DIOR and having enjoyable with himself on stage sooner than the unfortunate incident occurred.

He went throughout the stage entertaining his followers sooner than a yet-to-be acknowledged female fan aggressively grabbed his ‘Weapon’.

Ruger immediately stopped his effectivity and checked out her sternly sooner than strolling off the stage angrily.

The Fan and her good good friend have been heard laughing after Ruger walked off the stage.

He is however to the touch upon the video nonetheless we’re going to maintain you updated when he releases an official assertion.

Meanwhile Nigerians have taken to diversified social media platforms to specific their displeasure along with demand Justice for Ruger.

Ruger’s Fans- ‘RU Nation- are seriously looking for the fan to arrest and charge her for sexual harassment/assault.

Watch video below:

“I just hold something, I did not kill him” – Lady opens up about Ruger’s harassment (Video)

A Nigerian girl has taken to social media to open up about fast rising singer, Ruger’s present harassment on stage.

The girl who claimed to be the suspect who sexually harassed singer, Ruger on stage, acknowledged that there’s nothing fallacious with grabbing the singer on stage.

In her phrases:

“I’m not saying I’m not sorry for what I did but I don’t like the fact that everybody will just be cursing at me.

I just hold something, I did not kill him. And if he’s angry that I hold his thing, he’s not a good artist. Why will he be angry that I hold his thing?

I did not even mean to hold his thing. I just wanted to embrace him but my hand just touched there. It was just a mistake probably. Nobody should curse me. Don’t curse me because if you’re in my shoes you will do the same thing. I saw something I said let me hold it, is it a bad thing? It was a mistake”.

Listen to her assertion below:-


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