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Ummi Rahab is a popular Nigerian actress and television personality, born on April 7, 2004, in Kaduna. She belongs to the Hausa tribe and was raised in a Muslim family. Ummi’s acting talent emerged at a young age, and she began her acting career when she was just ten years old. She received early training from veteran actor Adam A. Zango, who played a significant role in shaping her acting prowess. Apart from being a talented actress, Ummi is also a musical artist, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Ummi Rahab Early Life and Education:

Ummi Rahab was nurtured by her parents in Kaduna, where she completed her primary and secondary education. However, there are no records of her tertiary education at this time. Her passion for drama presentations and acting drove her to pursue acting from a very young age. Despite her success, details about her family and siblings remain undisclosed.

 Ummi Rahab Career:

Ummi Rahab’s breakthrough in the entertainment industry came when she appeared in the film “Kin Zamo Takwara” at a young age. As the God-daughter of renowned actor Adam A. Zango, she gained attention and recognition. Her star continued to rise when she starred alongside top actors and actresses such as Jamila Nagudu and Adam A. Zango in the movie “Ummi Takwara.” Since then, she has earned a devoted fan base and continues to make her mark in the Kannywood industry.

 Ummi Rahab Notable Movies:

Apart from “Ummi Takwara,” some of her other notable movies include “Wuff,” “Farin Wata Sha Kallo,” “Take Mai Wuya,” “Labarin Zuciya,” “Ban Ce Adina Ba,” “Son Ki Nike,” “Rigor So,” “So Bauta Ne,” “Matata,” “Ke Nake Kauna,” and “Aure Dadi.”

 Ummi Rahab Personal Life:

Ummi Rahab recently tied the knot with Hausa hip-hop star and movie producer, Lilin Baba. The couple’s wedding celebration was a lavish affair, drawing attention in the northern part of Nigeria. As Ummi maintains her acting career, she currently resides in Kano state.

 Ummi Rahab Social Media Presence:

Ummi Rahab has a strong presence on various social media platforms, connecting with her fans and followers. Her main Instagram page boasts nearly 240k followers, and she actively engages with her audience on Facebook and TikTok as well.

 Ummi Rahab Net Worth



Ummi Rahab, the fast-rising actress of Kannywood, has won the hearts of many with her exceptional acting talent. Her journey from a young and passionate actor to a popular figure in the industry is commendable. With her musical artistry and acting prowess, Ummi Rahab continues to leave a lasting impression on her fans. As she continues to shine in the entertainment world, we eagerly await her future projects and achievements.

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