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Toosweet Annan is a multi-talented individual, hailing from Ghana and Nigeria, who has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. From acting to modeling, fashion designing to filmmaking, and even venturing into entrepreneurship, Toosweet’s journey to success has been nothing short of remarkable.

Toosweet Annan  Early Life and Education:

Toosweet Annan was born on August 25, 1985, in Ashanti, Ghana. Raised by his Nigerian mother, he is the eldest of three siblings. With a dual citizenship of Ghana and Nigeria and African ancestry, Toosweet’s family background reflects his diverse heritage. He attended Nungua Senior High School in Ghana, majoring in visual arts. Later, he pursued a degree in fine arts at the Ghanatta College of Arts in Accra.

Toosweet Annan  Career Breakthrough:

Toosweet Annan’s career began in 2010 when he landed his first role as “Too Sweet” in the drama movie, The Supremo. However, it was in 2014, with his appearance in the film Happy Death Day, that he first gained prominence. His big breakthrough came in 2019 when he portrayed Theon in the movie P over D, earning widespread acclaim and recognition.

Toosweet Annan  A Versatile Artist:

With an impressive tally of 49 acting credits to his name, Toosweet Annan has played various notable roles in several films. His exceptional performances have garnered him numerous nominations and awards, including the Best Actor of the Year 2022 and the Best Dressed Award at the Ghana Movie Awards.

Toosweet Annan  Beyond Acting:

Apart from his acting prowess, Toosweet Annan is a thriving entrepreneur and the founder of the Briefcase bar. Additionally, he is a popular social media influencer with a substantial following of over 331 thousand on Instagram. Collaborating with various brands like Elite Collection and Luxé Skin by Ennys, Toosweet has effectively used his platform to promote these businesses.

Toosweet Annan Personal Life:

Despite his success and popularity, Toosweet Annan has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. While rumors of past relationships have circulated, he has not yet married. It is believed that he was previously involved with Ghanaian actress and fitness enthusiast, Sermira Adams. Additionally, Toosweet has two daughters named Novanna and Adriel, but the identity of their mother remains undisclosed.


Toosweet Annan’s journey from a talented young artist to a renowned actor, model, and entrepreneur is an inspiration to many. With his diverse talents and charismatic presence, he continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. As he ventures further into his career, it is evident that Toosweet’s star will continue to shine brightly in both Ghana and Nigeria.

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