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Laura Harrier is an American actress and model, born on March 28, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. She gained recognition for her role as Liz in the 2017 film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and has since appeared in various movies and TV shows.

Laura Harrier Husband and Children:

Laura Harrier has not publicly disclosed any information about her marital status or having children.

Laura Harrier Net Worth:

Laura Harrier’s net worth was estimated to be around $500,000 to $1 million USD. However, it’s important to note that net worth figures can change over time due to various factors.

Laura Harrier Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Laura Harrier is active on social media, particularly Instagram. Her official Instagram account is a platform where she shares updates about her work, glimpses of her personal life, and engages with her fans.

Laura Harrier Boyfriend:

Laura Harrier had not publicly disclosed details about her romantic relationships. Please note that this information may have changed after my last update.

Laura Harrier House and Cars:

Specific details about Laura Harrier’s residence, cars, or other properties are not publicly available or may not be disclosed by the actress.

Laura Harrier Age and Real Name:

Laura Harrier was 31 years old. Her real and full name is Laura Ruth Harrier.

Laura Harrier Tribe and Religion:

Laura Harrier’s tribal or ethnic background, as well as her religious beliefs, have not been prominently discussed in the public domain.

Laura Harrier State of Origin:

Laura Harrier was born in Chicago, Illinois, which is in the United States. This is her place of birth, and beyond that, specific details about her state of origin, if different, are not widely known.

Laura Harrier Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

I don’t have access to personal phone numbers or contact information for individuals unless it has been shared with me in the course of our conversation. I am designed to respect user privacy and confidentiality.

Laura Harrier Residential House Address:

For privacy and security reasons, personal residential addresses of public figures like Laura Harrier are typically not publicly disclosed.

Laura Harrier Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Details about Laura Harrier’s educational background, including specific schools attended or degrees obtained, have not been extensively shared in public sources.

Laura Harrier Career and Source of Wealth:

Laura Harrier’s career began as a model before transitioning into acting. Her breakthrough role came with “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in 2017. She has since appeared in notable films and TV shows. Her source of wealth primarily comes from her work in the entertainment industry.


Laura Harrier is a talented American actress and model known for her roles in films like “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” While she has shared aspects of her life on social media, she maintains a level of privacy concerning her personal life.  specific details about her marital status or relationships were not publicly available. Keep in mind that the information provided here is based on knowledge available up until September 2021, and there may have been developments in her life or career since then.

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