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In the world of American rap, few names have left as lasting an impact as Kevin Gates. Born as Kevin Jerome Gilyard on February 5th, 1986, in New Orleans, Louisiana, he experienced early hardships but eventually rose to fame through his undeniable talent and dedication to his craft. Let’s take a closer look at his journey, from his early life to his successful career and personal life.

Kevin Gates Early Life and Education:

Kevin Gates grew up in New Orleans, raised by his mother, Martha Green Gates, after his father passed away when he was just in the eighth grade. He had a younger brother, Brandon Gilyard, with whom he shared a close bond. Despite facing difficulties, Kevin’s determination pushed him to pursue an education, and during a prison term that lasted over two years, he earned a master’s in psychology through a prison education program.

Kevin Gates Career Beginnings:

Kevin Gates’ entry into the music scene began when he joined the local record label Dead Game Records in 2005. He collaborated with artists like Webbie and Boosie Badazz, and together, they released the mixtape “Pack of Da Littler” in 2007. However, legal troubles landed him in prison again, but he used this time to hone his skills and focus on writing songs.

Kevin Gates Rise to Prominence:

After his release from prison, Kevin Gates released the mixtape “Make Em Believe,” which gained some recognition. His breakthrough came in 2014 with the mixtape “By Any Means,” released under his Bread Winners’ Association label and distributed by Atlantic Records. This mixtape showcased hit tracks like “Don’t Know,” “Posed to Be in Love,” and “Amnesia.”

Kevin Gates Success Continues:

Kevin Gates continued to release successful mixtapes, including “Luka Brasi 2,” which sold over 83,000 copies in the US and debuted at number 38 on the Billboard 200. His debut studio album, “Islah,” released in January 2016, became a massive hit. Featuring songs like “2 Phones,” “Time for That,” and “Really Really,” the album sold 93,000 copies in its first week and reached number two on the Billboard 200.

Kevin Gates Net Worth:

$1 million

Kevin Gates Personal Life:

In 2015, Kevin Gates married Dreka Haynes, his lifelong partner, and together, they have two children, Islah Koren Gates and Khaza Kamil Gates. In 2016, the couple converted to Islam after performing hajj in Mecca. Despite facing controversies over the years, Kevin Gates has remained committed to his music and family.


Kevin Gates’ journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a prominent rapper and musician is a testament to his talent and resilience. Through his hard work and dedication, he has secured a place in the hearts of many music lovers. With his success, personal growth, and supportive family by his side, Kevin Gates continues to inspire aspiring artists and fans alike.

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