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Eve Hewson is an Irish actress born on July 7, 1991, in Dublin, Ireland. She is the daughter of U2’s lead singer Bono (Paul David Hewson) and Ali Hewson (née Alison Stewart). Her birth name is Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson. She grew up in Ireland and later moved to New York City to pursue her acting career.

Eve Hewson Husband and Children:

there is no public information about Eve Hewson being married or having children.

Eve Hewson Net Worth:

Eve Hewson’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, primarily from her acting career.

Eve Hewson Social Media:

Eve Hewson is active on social media, including Instagram and Twitter, where she shares updates about her life and career.

Eve Hewson Boyfriend:

Eve Hewson’s romantic relationships have not been extensively covered in the media, and there might not be up-to-date information available.

Eve Hewson House and Cars:

Details about Eve Hewson’s house and cars are not widely publicized.

Eve Hewson Age and Real Name:

Eve Hewson was born on July 7, 1991, which would make her around 32 years old as of the current date. Her real name is Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson.

Eve Hewson Tribe and Religion:

Eve Hewson’s ethnicity is Irish. Her religion has not been widely discussed in the media.

Eve Hewson State of Origin:

Eve Hewson was born in Dublin, Ireland, so her state of origin is Ireland.

Eve Hewson Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Specific details about Eve Hewson’s educational background and schools attended are not widely available, but she did attend college in New York City.

Eve Hewson Career and Source of Wealth:

Eve Hewson began her acting career in 2008 with a short film titled “Lost and Found.” She gained more recognition with her role in the TV series “The Knick” (2014-2015). She has also appeared in films such as “This Must Be the Place” (2011), “Enough Said” (2013), and “Robin Hood” (2018).

One of her prominent roles is in the TV series “Behind Her Eyes” (2021), where she played the lead character Adele. Her source of wealth comes from her acting roles in both television and film.


Eve Hewson’s ability to maintain a level of privacy in her personal life while thriving in the public eye is a testament to her strength and determination. As fans, it’s important to respect her boundaries and appreciate her for the incredible talent and dedication she brings to her craft. While we may be curious about the finer details of her life, it’s essential to remember that everyone deserves the space to choose what they share with the world.

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