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In the vibrant world of Nigerian internet personalities and content creators, Eloka Paul Nwamu, popularly known as Eloswag, has risen to prominence. Born in 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria, Eloswag is an energetic and talented individual who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He gained nationwide recognition after being selected as a housemate for Big Brother Naija season 7, which aired in July 2022. Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of this young star.

Eloswag Early Life and Education:

Not much information is available about Eloswag’s early life. However, it is known that he completed both his primary and secondary education before pursuing further studies at the tertiary level.

Eloswag Career and Rise to Fame:

Eloswag’s journey to fame began as a content creator on various online platforms. With his talent, charisma, and energetic personality, he quickly gained a following and became a popular figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene. He is known for seeing his mother as his superhero and being well-liked by women, often jokingly referring to himself as a “great man.”

Participation in Big Brother Naija Season 7:

In July 2022, Eloswag’s star rose even higher when he was chosen as one of the housemates for Big Brother Naija season 7. With his love for trying new things and making connections, he believed that the reality show was the perfect platform to showcase his personality and entertain the audience. Throughout his time in the Level Up House, Eloswag’s energy and vibrant vibes undoubtedly captivated both his fellow housemates and viewers.

Eloswag Personal Life and Outlook:

As of now, Eloswag is single and has expressed that he is not in a hurry to get married, believing that successful relationships require financial stability. He enjoys trying new experiences and takes pride in being a part of Big Brother Naija, a platform that empowers and encourages the youth.

Eloswag Social Media Presence:

Eloswag is actively engaged on social media, particularly on Instagram, where you can find him sharing his vibrant personality and exciting adventures. You can follow him @Eloswag to stay updated on his latest escapades.

Eloswag Net Worth:



Eloka Paul Nwamu, popularly known as Eloswag, is an up-and-coming Nigerian internet personality and content creator who gained nationwide fame through his participation in Big Brother Naija season 7. With his infectious energy and dynamic persona, Eloswag continues to leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and the hearts of his fans. As he continues to explore new opportunities and connect with his audience, there’s no doubt that this talented young star has a bright future ahead.

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