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Meet Ariel Rebecca Martin, professionally known as Baby Ariel, a 21-year-old American singer, actress, and social media personality hailing from Pembroke Pines, Florida. Rising to fame through her engaging videos on TikTok, Baby Ariel has become a prominent influencer with a massive following. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at her early life, education, career achievements, personal life, and social media presence.

Baby Ariel  Early Life and Education:

Baby Ariel was born on November 22, 2000, to a diverse heritage, with her mother being of Cuban-Israeli origin, and her father hailing from Panama. Both of Ariel’s parents are well-known in the online world, her mother, Sharon Kremen Martin, being a popular TikTok star and her father, Jose Martin, a renowned YouTuber. Following in their footsteps, Baby Ariel and her brother King Jacob Martin garnered a substantial TikTok audience, propelling her into the spotlight.

She completed her high school education at Pine View School in Florida before pursuing further studies at the University of Florida.

Baby Ariel  Career:

Ariel’s career took off when she joined the social media platform,, which later became TikTok. Her creative and entertaining videos quickly gained traction, earning her a place on Forbes’ 2017 list of top entertainment influencers. Time magazine recognized her as one of the most influential people online the same year.

With an impressive following of over 35.3 million on TikTok, 9.6 million on Instagram, 3.02 million on YouTube, and 1.1 million on Twitter, Ariel has undoubtedly made her mark on the digital world. In 2016 and 2017, she received the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Muser.”

Aside from her social media success, Ariel delved into acting and played Wynter Barkowitz in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Zombies 2.” She also engaged in various advocacy campaigns, such as the #ArielMovement against bullying and the #HackHarassment campaign to combat online trolling and hostility.

Ariel’s musical talent shone through as she released several hit singles, including “Aww,” “Perf,” and “Say It” featuring Daniel Skye. She even had the opportunity to work with EA Games for “The Sims 4: Get Famous” expansion pack, where she appeared as a Sim.

Baby Ariel  Personal Life:

As of now, Baby Ariel is single, having previously dated fellow TikTok content creators like Milo Murphy, Zach Clayton, Jacob Sartorius, Daniel Skye, and Blake Grey.

Baby Ariel  Social Media Presence:

Ariel’s popularity extends beyond TikTok, with millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She continues to engage her fans through these platforms and shares snippets of her life and projects.

Baby Ariel  Net Worth:

$6 million


Baby Ariel’s journey from an ordinary girl with a passion for creating videos to an influential social media star and Hollywood actress is truly inspiring. With her incredible talent, dedication, and passion for making a positive impact, Ariel’s success story continues to inspire millions of aspiring creators around the world.

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