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Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo, better known as Sunday Igboho, is a prominent Nigerian businessman, human rights activist, and politician. Born on October 10, 1972, in Igboho Town, Oyo State, he rose to fame after giving Fulani herdsmen a one-week ultimatum to leave Ibarapa land following the killing of Dr. Aborode in January 2021. Let’s explore the life and career of this influential figure in Nigerian society.

Sunday Igboho Early Life and Education:

Sunday Igboho was born in the ancient town of Igboho, Oke Ogun, Oyo State, and later raised in Modakeke, Osun State, where his family had relocated. He gained international recognition when he stood as a defendant for the Modakeke people during the 1997-1998 Modakeke/Ife war. Subsequently, he moved to Ibadan, where he met Lam Adesina, the former governor of Oyo State, and became involved in advocating for human rights.

Sunday Igboho Career and Business Ventures:

Before achieving success, Sunday Igboho started his career as a motorcycle repairer. However, he eventually delved into the automobile industry and established Adeson International Business Concepts LTD, which specializes in car sales. His hard work and determination have transformed him into a successful businessman, earning him the title of the CEO of Adeson International Business Concepts LTD.

Sunday Igboho Advocacy for Yoruba Rights:

Sunday Igboho is a prominent figure in advocating for the rights of the Yoruba people and their quest for the Oduduwa Republic. He is also known as the Akoni Oodua of Yoruba, and his advocacy work is often accompanied by metaphysical powers.

Sunday Igboho Personal Life:

Sunday Igboho is a family man, being married to two wives and having children. Notably, he takes pride in being the father of three professional footballers who play in Germany.

Sunday Igboho Net Worth and Possessions:

With his successful business ventures, Sunday Igboho has amassed an estimated net worth of $500,000. Despite owning a fleet of cars and mansions, he prefers not to flaunt his properties on social media.

Sunday Igboho Tragedy Strikes:

On January 26, 2021, tragedy struck when a fire broke out in Sunday Igboho’s Ibadan residence at Soka area, resulting in significant damage.


Sunday Igboho’s journey from a humble motorcycle repairer to a successful businessman and influential activist is truly inspiring. His passion for advocating Yoruba rights has earned him both admirers and critics alike. As he continues to play a pivotal role in Nigerian society, his story serves as a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of justice.

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