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In the world of Nigerian comedy, there is one name that stands out for its unique style and hilarious content. Anthony Odunze, better known as Prophet Rolex, is a popular comedian, content creator, and social media influencer.

Hailing from Orlu, Imo State, Prophet Rolex has gained widespread recognition for his comedic skits, particularly for his daring food combinations. Today, we’ll delve into the life and career of this talented entertainer who has captured the hearts of thousands of fans.

Early Life and Education:

Born on December 19 in Orlu, Imo State, Anthony Odunze had a humble upbringing. He received his primary and secondary education in Orlu before embarking on his journey as a content creator. While he had an inclination towards acting from a young age, it was after completing his secondary education that he decided to pursue it seriously.

Career Path:

Prophet Rolex quickly made a name for himself in the Nigerian comedy industry. With his distinctive approach to comedy skits, he set himself apart from the competition.

His videos, showcasing his adventures with unusual food combinations, garnered significant attention both in Nigeria and abroad. Through his creative and hilarious content, Prophet Rolex has managed to amass a dedicated fan base, with over 100,000 active followers on his Facebook fan page.

Net Worth:

As a rising star in the comedy scene, Prophet Rolex has not only gained popularity but also financial success. His hard work and talent have contributed to an estimated net worth of $300,000. This achievement is a testament to his growing influence in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life:

Prophet Rolex prefers to keep his personal life private, and not much is known about his relationships. As of now, he is not married, and it remains unclear whether he has a girlfriend. His focus primarily lies in creating content that brings joy and laughter to his fans.

Social Media Presence:

Prophet Rolex recognizes the power of social media in reaching and connecting with his audience. He actively maintains a Facebook fan page with over 100,000 followers and an Instagram account under the handle @prophetrolex4. Through these platforms, he continues to share his comedic skits and engage with his fans.


Prophet Rolex, also known as Anthony Odunze, has carved a unique path for himself in the Nigerian comedy industry. With his unconventional food combinations and comedic talent, he has captured the hearts of thousands of fans. As he continues to grow in popularity and influence, we can expect to see more entertaining content from this gifted comedian. Make sure to follow Prophet Rolex on his social media accounts to stay updated on his latest comedic adventures.

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