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Local Hustlers ; is made available here for your free and fast Download, the Movie is an interesting and impressive Film to watch with family and friends.

Local Hustlers

Love is a powerful emotion. Destiny can only be postponed; it cannot be rejected. Love exists everywhere and in everyone. Sam (Stephen Odimgbe), a young, energetic bread vendor, fell in love with Uju (Mercy Johnson OKONJI) on the street as he was selling his bread and she was selling her own Akara. Both found love within themselves but were met with strong opposition from Uju’s mother and Emeka (Stanley Danji) sam’s buddy. As they persevered in their love and put so much faith in their future, they proved that a journey of a thousand miles truly begins with a step. Sam’s flesh was nearly a thon to Sandra. torturing him and constantly criticizing everything he does, but as the saying goes, don’t look down on someone unless they deserve your admiration.

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