BigDon Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Family, Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Real Name

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Ahmed Ganiu Olakunle, Professionally Known as Bigdon, is a well-known stage performer, rapper, singer, composer, and recording artist who hails from Ogun State, Nigeria.

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BigDon Biography

BigDon Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Ganiu Ahmed Olakunle
Date Of Birth: 7 February1997
Age: 25 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Ogun State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Music Writer – Singer
Net Worth: $10,000
Place Of Birth: Ogun State
Parents: Mr & Mrs. Ganiu

BigDon Biography

Nigerian music star Ganiu Ahmed Olakunle, also known as Bigdon, is a singer, songwriter, rapper, entertainer, stage performer, and recording artist, The Nigerian Artist was raised in Sango, Ota, where he also attended an Anglican grammar school, His upbringing in Ogun State had a significant impact on his musical style. Although not much is known about Bigdon, a website source said he was a very peaceful individual.

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Who Is BigDon

Singer, composer, stage performer, recording artist, and entertainer Ganiu Ahmed Olakunle Popularly Knonwn as Big Don, He was born in Ogun State on February 7, 1997. He is currently 25 years old (as at 2022).

BigDon Age – Date of Birth

How Old Is School? BigDon is How Many Years Old? He is currently at the age of 25 years old at the year of publishing this article. He was born on the 7 February1997.

BigDon State of Origin

Where is BigDon From? BigDon Is From Which State? The Song Witer hails from Ogun State.

BigDon Girlfriend – Wife

Is BigDon marriedWho is BigDon GirlfriendWho Is BigDon Wife? The Private life of BigDon is really strict to the public. You can check back in few days to see if the page is been updated with his marital status or relationship status.

BigDon Family – Parents

Who Are BigDon Parents? He hasn’t disclosed any data about his father, siblings or mother to the public, and we promise as time goes on’ we will provide you guys with full details and data about his family, Siblings, parents and lots more.

BigDon Net Worth

The Musical Perfomer And Song writer net worth is estimated at $10,000

Bigdon Networth

BigDon Career

Bidon began performing music while still in high school, and he rose to fame on Instagram by posting freestyle videos, Ahmed Olakunle Ganiu, Professionally Known as Bigdon made his spotlights of fame after his debut track gbemide became a hit.

He is currently a free agent without a record label, which has published several of his tracks as well as an Extended Play project. He gained popularity after releasing the songs “Aiye” and “Jubadi” with Anabella (The Yoruba Indigenous Rapper and Songwriter). He launched a brand-new song in 2022 called “Muller,” which received over a thousand streams across various music platforms.

BigDon Tracks

In Conclusion

The musician began his music career in 2014, but his mother wasn’t fully behind him since she was worried about how music would effect his education. After completing secondary school, Bigdon continued his quest for fame and a music career.

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