University of Toronto Scholarship – Requirement, Acceptance Rate and How to Apply

University of Toronto Scholarship - Requirement, Acceptance Rate and How to Apply
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Would you like to study at the University of Toronto? Would you be interested in having your study at the University of Toronto covered by a scholarship programme? In this piece, you will get all you need to know about the scholarship programme of the university of Toronto.

Think about studying without having to carry the financial load and burden of your educational pursuit in one of the best and most popular universities around the world. University of Toronto gives you the chance to make this thought/dream a reality, with its great programmes and scholarship offers.

In this piece, you are going to get informed about the University of Toronto, the requirements needed to access the scholarship programme of the school, its acceptance rate and the process of application for the scholarship.

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About the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto was founded in 1827, and is regarded as the top university in Canada. The school boasts of a long history of challenging impossibilities and societal transformation through the resolve and ingenuity of its alumni, students, faculty and supporters.

Communities around the globe are impacted by the discoveries, innovations and ideas of the over 640,000 graduates produced by the institution in the course of its existence so far. The University of Toronto embraces diversity and believes in the flourishing of excellence in an environment that embraces the broadest people range.

About the University of Toronto Scholarship

A number of scholarship programmes are available for students who wish to study at the University of Toronto, and the awards of the scholarships depend on the meeting of the scholarship criteria.

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The criteria for the award of these scholarships consist of; academic merit, financial need, leadership demonstration, indigenous backgrounds community engagement, and athletic performance.

High school students who are eligible for scholarships are considered automatically for various admissions scholarships in the University of Toronto when they apply for admission at the University of Toronto, and this includes international candidates.

The scholarship programmes at the University of Toronto consist of admission awards, in-course and graduation awards, and grants.

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Admission awards are available for students who are newly admitted at the University of Toronto.

Students who are just getting into the first year of their undergraduate study. Students are considered for these scholarship awards based on their application for admission into the university of Toronto. However, some of these scholarship awards may need the student to separately complete another award profile or application.

The in-course scholarship awards are open to current students in the University of Toronto. The graduating awards are given to final year students that are in their final year, and the awards are issued with considerations based on financial need and/or academic merit.

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Grants in the University of Toronto are non-repayable financial need primarily based on monetary awards, and they are sometimes interchangeably used with bursaries.

University of Toronto Scholarship Acceptance Rate

The University of Toronto through its divisions and colleges awards over 5000 admission scholarships every year, and the in-course scholarships awarded by the school every year is about 5,800.

Grant awards each year at the University of Toronto totals around 5,300.

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Currently, over 95,000 students are housed in the University of Toronto which makes ythe school one of the largest universities in Canada. About 20,000 of this student population figure are international students, while indigenous undergraduate students numbered around 53,000.

The school is a very competitive choice, and popular too, as it has a 43% acceptance rate.

Scholarship Awards at the University of Toronto

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The spotlight undergraduate scholarship awards at the University of Toronto includes the following;

  • University of Toronto Scholars Programme.

The University of Toronto scholars programme gives recognition to students that are outstanding in the university, either on an ongoing basis or at admission.  Students are automatically considered for this award based on their average at admission time.

  • U of T Mississauga Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship

The University of Toronto Mississauga scxholarshi[p programme offers a three level guaranteed scholarship package to all international and  domestic students upon their admission to the school campus. The admitted averages for this programme starts at 90.0%.

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  • National Scholarship

This scholarship programme at the University of Toronto recognises community leaders, creative thinkers, high achievers in academics and so on. It is recognised as the most prestigious scholarship in the University of Toronto.

  • U of T Scarborough Entrance Scholarships

Permanent residents and Canadian citizens who are applying from their secondary school that are admitted to the University of Toronto will be considered automatically for this scholarship award.

  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship (PSEP)

This scholarship programme is for recognition of international students that demonstrate leadership recognition and exceptional academic achievement in their school. Scholars of this programme receive a package of full-ride scholarships.

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  • President’s Scholars of Excellence Programme

An approximate figure of 150 most highly qualified students who are applying for their direct entry or first year studies in undergraduate programmes will get to be distinguished as President’s Scholars of Excellence.

The consideration for this scholarship programme is automatic for outstanding international and local secondary school students as soon as they are admitted to University of Toronto.

University of Toronto Scholarship Requirement and How to Apply

There are not many special requirements for application to the university of Toronto scholarship programmes, as the student’s admission application and records stand as the needed scholarship application requirements which make such students eligible for consideration.

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Some of the scholarship programmes may need the completion of other application details apart from the automated application though. The further needed application details to be completed can be found on the university’s online platform.

Merit-based scholarship awards however do not require any further separate application.

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Whether you are a domestic or an international student, if you would like to benefit from any of the scholarship programmes at the University of Toronto, the details in this piece has given you all the information you need. You can work towards it going forward. Also, the university of Toronto allows you to be a beneficiary of more than one scholarship award as long as you are qualified.

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