Magnito Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

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Magnito is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter known for his unique style of blending rap with elements of afrobeat. He gained popularity for hits like “If I Get Money Eh” and “As I Get Money Eh.” His real name is Mohammed Adamu, but he is more commonly known by his stage name, Magnito.

Magnito Wife and Children:

there was no widely available information about Magnito’s marital status or if he had any children.

Magnito Net Worth:

Magnito is one of the top rappers in Nigeria. He is estimated to be net worth $500,000.

Magnito Biography Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Magnito is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He uses these platforms to share updates about his music, connect with fans, and promote his work.

Magnito Girlfriend:

there was no widely available information about Magnito’s relationship status or if he had a girlfriend.

Magnito House and Cars:

Specific details about Magnito’s house and cars were not publicly available.

Magnito Age and Real Name:

Magnito was in his early 30s. His real name, as mentioned earlier, is Mohammed Adamu.

Magnito Tribe and Religion:

Magnito is of Nigerian descent, which means he likely belongs to one of the numerous ethnic groups in Nigeria. Regarding religion, there is no widely available information about his specific religious affiliation.

Magnito State of Origin:

Magnito’s state of origin is not publicly documented in the information.

Magnito Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

I’m sorry, but I don’t have access to personal contact information for any individuals, including public figures.

Magnito Residential House Address:

For privacy and security reasons, it’s not appropriate to share or seek out personal addresses of individuals, including public figures.

Magnito Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Specific details about Magnito’s educational background and the schools he attended were not publicly available

Magnito Career and Source of Wealth:

Magnito started his music career by releasing underground mixtapes. He gained recognition with his hit songs and collaborations with other Nigerian artists. His source of wealth primarily comes from his music career, which includes album sales, streaming revenue, endorsements, and performances.


In conclusion, Magnito is a talented Nigerian rapper known for his unique style. While some information about his career and public presence is available, details about his personal life, such as relationships, family, and specific financial information, may not be widely publicized. It’s important to respect the privacy of individuals, including public figures, and avoid sharing or seeking out personal contact details

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