List Of Countries Offering Visa On Arrival In 2022

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The lawful entry into a foreign nation is made possible by the presence of a visa which is an official document.

It’s critical to research the nation or region’s visa requirements well before your trip. In the event that a visa is necessary, doing so guarantees that you will have enough time to apply.

Visitors without a visa will not be permitted to cross the boundaries of a state if one of its travel requirements is one.

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Usually, the bearer’s passport is either inked with the visa or is glued down with it. Visas come in a variety of forms, and each one grants the holder particular privileges within the host nation.

Every government has its unique visa policy, which serves a function particular to the demands of the country. The purpose of a travel visa often enables authorities to: Address illicit immigration, Organize security concerns and reciprocate visa restrictions placed on their own citizens.

Difference between a passport and a Visa

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A trip to a new nation is quite thrilling. Excited sentiments are accompanied by a ton of paperwork to make sure you may legally enter and travel free of problems.

You can require a passport, a visa, or both depending on where you’re from and where you’re going.

Despite the fact that both require simple pictures and are travel papers that permit international travel, getting them both right might be challenging.

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A passport is given to a nation’s people for international travel and identification, which is the primary distinction between a passport and a visa.

Passport Visa
A passport is a recognized form of identification issued by your own government. An official document known as a visa, which has a variety of expiration dates, is one that a foreign government issues to citizens to allow admission into their nation.
It is essential that the information contained in your passport, which also has blank pages for travel stamps, is accurate because it contains all of your personal and legal information. A visa may be valid for one visit or numerous trips, depending on where you are visiting.
Each time you enter or leave a new nation, immigration officials will stamp those papers as proof of authorization. Only if you have permission to be in another nation is a visa valid.


List of countries offering Visa on Arrival in 2022

Many factors contribute to the everyday migration of people, but the deteriorating economic climate and rising insecurity rank as the most significant.

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Many people are unable to leave the country, nevertheless, since they are unaware that there are several nations to which Nigerian citizens can travel without obtaining an embassy visa.

  1. Ethiopia

If you wish to go to Ethiopia, you may select between an electronic visa and a visa on arrival. Even if you have a choice, it is advised that you pick an e-Visa.

However, other parts of Ethiopia are experiencing civil turmoil and armed warfare, thus the security situation might suddenly deteriorate.

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  1. Lesotho

Nigerians must apply for an electronic visa (e-Visa) in order to visit. Traveling there is risk-free. There may be reports of minor crimes and sicknesses, nevertheless, just as it is possible for it to occur in any other nation.

  1. Madagascar

Knowing that you may obtain a visa upon arrival is crucial if you have any trip plans to Madagascar. For the most part, Madagascar is a safe place to visit, according to Travel Safe.

Though primarily plagued by minor crime as a result of extreme poverty and unemployment, it does have a somewhat high crime rate. To reduce the chance of being robbed, it is essential for tourists to exercise constant vigilance and adopt all reasonable safety precautions.

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  1. Sierra Leone

Without requesting a visa, you are permitted to enter Sierra Leone. It is claimed to be the friendliest country in Africa by travel safe wide. Nevertheless, even if it is alleged to be risky due to a rise in violent crimes and other things in between, make sure you take precautions in whatever you do.

Types of Visas to travel

There are several Visa types that are issued which we have done well to list them below with their functions.

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  1. Work visa

For anyone intending to visit a nation to begin, or seek, paid employment, a work visa or permission is a prerequisite.

Depending on the job’s requirements and duration of stay, there are many sorts of work visas. For instance, those with working holiday visas are able to work part-time while they are traveling.

  1. Travel Visa

Tourist visas enable the holder to enter a foreign country only for tourism and leisure purposes and remain there for a set period of time.

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A travel visa is usually only good for brief visits, often lasting between 30 days and six months. The typical need for travelers who intend to stay for an extended amount of time is to apply for a different kind of visa.

  1. Student Visa

A non immigrant visa known as a student visa enables its holder to enroll in a post secondary educational institution in the host nation.

Typically, a student visa is good for a year or more, and certain visa regulations let persons with student visas to work for pay under certain restrictions.

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  1. Business Visa

The permission to lawfully work in the relevant nation is not granted by a business visa. An employment visa or permit would be required in its place if you planned to work full-time.

A person could need a business visa, for instance, if they are visiting a nation to conduct business with another firm or if they are going to a business conference.

In Conclusion

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It’s crucial to be aware of the requirements for the sort of visa you’re applying for and to make sure you adhere to them once you get there. Where you want to go determines when you need a visa. You probably won’t need to apply for a visa in advance if your home country and the nation to which you want to visit have a visa agreement.

Visa requirements are implemented by nations to monitor and regulate the movement of tourists into and out of their borders as well as to stop illegal immigration and other criminal activity. The government can screen potential visitors by requiring travelers to apply for visas.

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