List Of Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship In USA

List Of Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship In USA
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With a strong economy, the US is a major worldwide force. People from all over the world are drawn to America by its promise of success and the American dream.

A visa sponsorship is occasionally needed in addition to a visa application. This occurs when a different person or group speaks out for the applicant by endorsing their application. Since there is typically a financial component, the sponsor is promising to support you financially if required.

What is Visa Sponsorship in USA

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A person’s operating position and job specification in the US are specified and ensured by a package of paperwork called a visa sponsorship. An employer must be willing to recruit a non-resident employee for the role if, for instance, you desire to migrate to the United States and need to find work.

If the employer is aware that you are neither a US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) and still wants to recruit you, they will sponsor you. Otherwise, they must be informed and still want to hire you.

They would essentially have to promise the US Visa department that you are going to be a lawful worker with a specific threshold wage.

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The process starts when a business decides to sponsor you and provides the relevant paperwork to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Since the USA has a sizable population, it might be challenging to justify hiring a foreign employee rather than a US citizen or LPR. When attempting to sponsor a foreign employee, this is one question that the majority of firms must respond to.

Requirements for Visa Sponsorship in USA

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  1. There are standards that must be completed in order to be sponsored for a visa by an American employer. For example, you must possess a degree from a recognized institution, which can be a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.
  2. For the talents your sponsor is hiring you for, you must, secondly, have certification demonstrating specific knowledge or expertise. All you need to do is request sponsorship with these documents.
  3. Various situations, such as employment or financial support, among others, necessitate the sponsorship of a visa.

Documents for Visa Approval in USA

Important documents for visa processing are as follows;

Form DS-160: When you arrive at the Embassy, you must present a printout of your DS-160 confirmation page (the one with the barcode).

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Passport picture: When you submit Form DS-160, you will be prompted to add a picture that complies with the Department of State’s criteria.

Medical history: Bring a note from your doctor outlining how you are feeling right now.

If any, a criminal History: When applying for a visa, you must declare it and present supporting documentation. U.S. visa legislation is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

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Trip Schedule: These papers include an airline reservation that has been paid for and lists your intended entrance and departure dates from the US. Additionally, it may display any reservations for internal flights.

Sponsorship Documents: You must provide documentation proving that you are being sponsored by a US citizen or permanent resident if you intend to travel there.

Companies offering Visa Sponsorship in USA

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An indicator of the changing nature of the labor market is the dominance of IT and consultancy businesses on the list of top employers that sponsor visas.

Check see what the jobs department has to offer even if you have an offer from the firm where you did your internship or if you want to go back to the one that helped fund your degree.

  1. Apple

With the production and sale of smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart watches, and other portable and wearable devices, Apple is a well-known technological corporation recognized for its high-quality hardware and software products.

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One of the largest IT corporations in the world, Apple has granted out up to 748 sponsorship Visas, and you don’t reach a market worth of more than $1 trillion without having top talent in your ranks.

  1. Google

Google is an American technology firm with a focus on consumer electronics, cloud computing, computer software, internet advertising, and many other areas. Since current CEO Sundar Pichai assumed control of Google in 2015, the stock price of Alphabet, Google’s parent firm, has skyrocketed.


Gien that the company obtained 1,682 initial approvals, Google probably supports visas for talent from outside.

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  1. Amazon

It’s hardly surprising that Amazon is at the top of the list of employers who sponsor visas given that it recruits a large number of MBA graduates each year.

This is a Jeff Bezos-founded, global American technology firm. It is the biggest provider of cloud services and online store in the entire globe.


Amazon anticipates hiring more than 1,000 MBA’s in 2021, thus visa sponsorship will probably rise in the years to come as well. Digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are some of the services they offer.

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  1. Microsoft

Computer software and application development are the focus of Microsoft, a technology firm. Additionally, they sell computer game systems and produce books and provide email services.

It’s no wonder that Microsoft is among the top businesses that sponsor visas given the abundance of leadership roles available for top talent within the company. You will socialize with your international cohort throughout the course of the next two years, meet mentors in senior roles, and collaborate across teams to create the company’s future direction.

  1. Accenture

Among the top three fields for MBA candidates, consulting is one that consistently draws top candidates. One American business that hires foreign nationals is Accenture.

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Along with 1,140 authorized visas, the company also has a specialized internal training program, making learning always possible.


As organizations that desire to sponsor a foreign candidate on an H-1B visa must follow a legal process that necessitates a deposit, a visa sponsor signs a file declaring that they assume responsibility for you, your behavior, and potentially your funds throughout your stay in their country.

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Before submitting a petition for employee sponsorship, companies have to electronically register with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and pay a $10 fee.

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