List Of Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship In Asian Countries

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It’s doubtful that you look forward to organizing the vitally crucial official government papers required to obtain your travel permits when you daydream about your great forthcoming vacation to Asia.

The public and religious holidays of the nation they represent as well as the national holidays of the country they are located in determine when embassies are open.

Please be aware that different countries have different visa requirements, so you must take care of all of them before traveling. You may then amend your visa after you get at your destination if necessary and if you are comfortable with the process.

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Traveling to Asia

For travelers on a tight budget who want to experience something different, Asia is the best region to visit. There are enough of activities to keep the adventurous satisfied.

Obtaining an e-visa is probably something you do online, but there are still some situations when you’ll need to visit the embassy in your home country.

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The rules and prerequisites for traveling to Southeast Asia might vary, so be sure to verify them well in advance of your trip. You should also carry multiple current passport photographs that accurately represent you.

Requirements for Visa Application in Asian countries

To secure a visa, you must fill out an application in every nation, and many of them also demand at least one passport photo. Two requirements—proof of sufficient finances and a ticket for a subsequent flight—are seldom enforced but are subject to the whims of the officials on duty at the time.

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Application: Typically, the consulate’s website allows you to print the visa application.

Passport Photographs: If you’re planning to go across numerous countries, you might want to bring along a few extra passport photos. There may be one or two needed for each visa application.

Travel Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months following application, and many nations also require that it include at least one blank page.

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Proof of Adequate Money: To prevent visitors from “bumming” around and becoming a burden, several nations specify presenting proof of adequate funds as a visa condition.

This criteria is frequently met by a working credit card, a bank statement, or having enough cash on hand.

Onward Ticket: Another antiquated rule that is sometimes enforced is an onward ticket. Occasionally, you may get around this criterion by stating that you plan to go overland by bus or rail or by providing sufficient proof of cash.

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Companies offering Visa Sponsorship in Asian Countries

There are but a few companies offering Visa sponsorship in Asian Countries if we are to compare it to countries in Europe. This may largely be because of the population density in Asia.

However, we have been able to select the best companies that give Visa Sponsorship and also co-sponsorship.

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  1. Singapore press Holding

Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. (SPH), a main board listed company that was founded in 1984, is Asia’s top media company, enlightening people’s lives through a variety of languages and platforms.

The company seeks for motivated, adaptable professionals who are eager to advance their careers in the media sector, particularly as Multimedia Journalists, Visual Designers, or Data Analytic. To be considered, candidates must be fluently bilingual in English and Chinese, Malay, or Tamil. They must also have a strong academic history and an attractive writing/design portfolio.

  1. Porters

A SaaS application for human resources is created and run by Porters for commercial use. Due to the fact that more than 20% of Porters’ workers are foreign-born, they have one of the greatest market shares in Japan’s domestic recruiting sector as well as a global presence.

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Among the nations that are represented are England, France, Italy, Russia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Kenya, and Turkey.

As they are unable to sponsor visas for those living overseas, Porters exclusively sponsors work visas for applicants who are already residing in Japan.

  1. Times Publishing Group

With a history spanning more than 50 years and a reputation as one of the most dependable companies in the industry, Times Publishing Group continues to break new ground and offer a greater range of media solutions to its clients.

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For one of the Group’s business activities, the organization is seeking up-and-coming talent who wants to pursue a career in media. After graduation, the talents will have access to a thorough onboarding program that exposes them to several organizational departments and familiarizes them with our key principles and business practices.

  1. Abbeal

Modern Web and Mobile Stacks characterize their competence since 2015. By participating in the projects and abbeal activity for our clients, you will be able to make use of your Web, Mobile, or DevOps talents.

In their Japanese office, English is the main language used, and throughout the rest of the firm, both English and French are utilized, however learning French is not a prerequisite.

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The company sponsors Visas which includes but not limited to those from France, Canada, Spain, England, Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, Russia, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Lebanon, etc.

  1. Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish is looking for exceptional candidates for its publishing division. Candidates must have a solid bachelor’s degree in mathematics, science, or their mother tongue, as well as a record of academic achievement and great leadership potential.

If the necessary conditions are satisfied, He/She may be granted the chance to participate in our Global Mobility program and be posted to one of our foreign offices.

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  1. MoneyTree

The fin-tech startup Moneytree was established in Tokyo by three international businessmen, and its Moneytree Link product offers a “utility layer for linking financial services” to banks and other fin-tech firms. They also have a well-liked consumer app that aids users in managing their money.

Outside of Japan, 50% of Moneytree’s employees are based. Because Moneytree has always been a multicultural, globally-minded organization, they really employ people from over 20 different nations and 5 different continents.

Final Comments

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Make careful to renew your passport well in advance if you realize that it doesn’t have enough time left on it. The application and documentation process for a new passport might take up to 6 weeks, depending on your native country.

Visas cannot be obtained at borders, thus you will need to obtain them in advance for several Asian nations.

The rules for obtaining a visa for Asian nations frequently alter, despite the fact that there is a wealth of information available.

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