How To Apply For PTDF Scholarship 2023

How To Apply For PTDF Scholarship 2023
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Have you heard of the PTDF scholarship? Are you a student? Would you like to apply or has someone who may be interested? Are you wondering if you are qualified to apply? You have gotten to the right place to get your answers.

In this piece, I will be showing you how you can apply for the PTDF scholarship, the needed qualifications and requirements for the scholarship and some other information about the PTDF scholarship programme.


Scholarships have many benefits. The cost of education which includes finances for school fees, books, writing and reading materials, and all other forms of levies can be quite burdensome and many do have no option but to drop out of school as they cannot meet up.

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Scholarships are useful in assisting learners out of dire financial situations that could have perhaps ended their academic dream or make their journey more burdensome. The PTDF scholarship programme is one of the best scholarship programmes around in Nigeria. Here we are going to be discussing the PTDF scholarship programme, its requirements and how to apply. Follow patiently.

About PTDF

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) was established for the purpose of training Nigerians to attain graduate, technical, craftsmen and professional qualifications bin various fields such as Geology, Engineering, Management and Sciences in the petroleum sector.


The PTDF has the mission of making capable individuals for the Nigerian Petroleum Industry. It seeks to serve as a developmental instrument for technological acquisition by the manpower in the Petroleum Industry. PTDF aims to make Nigeria a Human Resource center to beat in the petroleum sector of the West African sub-region.

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One of the major mandates of the PTDF is to provide scholarships. The PTDF scholarship programme comes in full or partial form, and is available in Universities, petroleum undertakings, colleges, and institutions. The scholarship programme aims to supplement, subsidize, maintain, train and educate Nigerians for the petroleum sector.


About PTDF Scholarship


PTDF scholarship aims at building the needed institutional and human capacities in the petroleum industry sector of the Nigerian nation, while also promoting relevant technological knowledge acquisition and research.


The PTDF scholarship programme is divided into two parts. The two parts are the in-country scholarship and the overseas scholarship.

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Students from 44 federal institutions are qualified to apply for the in-country scholarship programme, while students who aim to study in some selected 150 tertiary institutions around the world are qualified to apply for the PTDF scholarship scheme.


Eligibility Requirements for the PTDF Scholarship


If you are thinking of applying for the PTDF scholarship scheme, here you are going to be seeing the scholarship requirements and qualifications which will let you know if you are qualified to apply or otherwise. The criteria to be met includes the following;

  • You must possess a minimum of 5 credit passes in O level examination such as SSCE/NECO/WASSCE, and this credit passes must include English Language and Mathematics compulsorily.
  • You must be a Nigerian in any of the listed federal university on the PTDF platform
  • The first year of your study must be concluded in any of the listed PTDF recognised federal universities.
  • Your CGPA must be on a minimum of 3.0 in a scale of 5, or 4.5 in a scale of 7.
  • A copy of your admission letter must be scanned and attached.
  • If you were admitted to the university through direct entry, qualifications you have to meet up with will include; a minimum of upper credit at the diploma level, a minimum of 10 points in the interim examination of the Joint Matriculation Board, a minimum of 8 points at A Level (Advanced Level General Certificate of Education).


The needed documents for the undergraduate application includes;

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  1. birth certificate or its equivalent

Ii. a JPG format passport photograph

Iii. O level result

Iv. copy of admission letter

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Optionally, other documents you may have to tender include; your year 1 results, your O level results in case you used 2 sittings.


If you are putting in for a post-graduate study programme such as a Masters Degree, other relevant needed requirements apart from some of the above include;

  • NYSC Certificate or exemption letter
  • State of Origin and Local Government of origin identification certificate
  • Your statement of result or first degree certificate
  • Admission letter
  • Personal statement of purpose which must not exceed a maximum of 500 words where you will state the reasons for the proposed study the relevance of the study choice to the oil and gas industries and the development of the nation.
  • You must possess a National Identification Number (NIN) before applying.

If you are applying for a Phd, other relevant requirements apart from many of the ones mentioned before include;

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  • A minimum of 2.2 (2nd class lower) in your first degree plus a second degree certificate
  • Computer literacy
  • A five page oil and gas industry relevant research proposal which must include the introduction, objective, methodology, and data collection mode.

If you are applying for PTDF overseas study scholarship, in addition to the in-country requirements for your target study programme, you must also have any of the following considered relevant for your targeted school or field of study;


  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • GMAT
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • International English Language Testing System

Application for the PTDF Schorlarship

The application for the PTDF scholarship is open to be accessed online on the PTDF website platform. There are ten steps to be followed in the process of application where you will fill in all the necessary details requested. The ten steps can be found on the PTDF platform

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Application must be done and completed within the stipulated period of opening as applications are not accepted anymore once the deadline is over. Also, a candidate applying more than once leads to disqualification, which implies that multiple applications from a candidate are not welcomed in the PTDF scholarship scheme.


This is the process, requirements and application guide for the PTDF scholarship scheme. If you meet the criteria for any of the programmes, then it is an opportunity for you. Go ahead and apply. You may just solve your academic financial burden issue with this step. Also, do not forget to share this piece.

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