Germany Scholarship for International Students

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If you are planning on being an international student studying on scholarship and you are thinking of one of the best locations to consider for this, then Germany should be one of the top location options on your list. Studying in Germany offers amazing benefits, and one of them is the Germany scholarship for international students.

Germany is a country located in Western Europe, sharing borders with countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, France, Belgium, and Netherlands.

The German population consists of inhabitants that numbers around 83 million, and the country features many historical splendour and beauty and diverse state of the art innovations. It is one of the most industrialized countries around the world.

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While in Germany for studies as an international student, you can also enjoy the benefit of the transport links of the country to other countries in Europe, and this can open the door to go on sightseeing in other neighboring countries for you.

Why You must consider Germany as an International Student

Benefits that can be derived from studying in Germany include but are not limited to lack of worries about tuition fees for higher education in German institutions. This is because higher education in Germany is funded majorly by the state, and therefore seems sort of literally free of charge.

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This tuition-free or low tuition-fee higher education opportunity in Germany is not only opened to domestic students but is also available for international students. The tertiary education system in Germany consists of institutions numbering over 400, with the student population spread across those institutions spanning about 2.4 million across the country.

About just 5% of the student population in Germany are enrolled in private higher institutions, while the remaining percentage are spread across the government higher institutions.

The popularity of the German nation among international students has always been high. The main reasons responsible for this is the excellent form and structure of the German universities, good funding options and dynamic student life.

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German higher education features excellent staff and great infrastructures. The higher education system in Germany consists of; universities of applied sciences, universities and Art, Film, Technical, and Music colleges.

Degrees in German institutions are well recognised internationally, the study programmes are taught in the English language, as against German which is the language if the country, for those whose skills in the German language may not be able to measure up to the required standard.

Studying in a German Higher institution also give great employment opportunities, and also allows an international student the opportunity to stay back in Germany even after studies have been completed

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With all these opportunities, it is not difficult to see why the person reading this piece right now should consider Germany for their study.

Scholarships for International Students in Germany

There are a lot of prominent scholarship options for international students who wish to pursue their academic goals in a German High School, and in this piece, we shall briefly discuss some of them and leave you to make a pick from the list.

  • Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships:

This scholarship programme awards approximately over 1,200 scholarships each year to international students in the undergraduate, graduate,and doctoral category. Recipients of this scholarship h=need to have excellent academic records, and also show interest in values that include; democracy, ecology, sustainability, human rights, justice, and self-determination.

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  • Erasmus Scholarship Programs

The Erasmus scholarship programme is an EU-wide grant that is funded by the European Union members.  The programme provides a one year exchange period financial aid to international students who wish to study at universities in Germany. Candidates who want to apply for this scholarship must be enrolled already in an institution of higher learning, and their university must be one which has signed the higher education Erasmus Charter

  • DAAD Scholarship Programs

The  Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) which is also referred to as the German Academic Exchange Service is a higher education institution for higher institutions in Germany.

The programme focuses on students exchange, scholarship offering of researchers, academics, research and foreign students funding. Applicants for this scholarship must have com[pleted theiur Bachelor’s degree within the last 6 years wiuth minimum of 2 years proven work experience.

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Postgraduate students under the DAAD scholarship programme gets a stipend of 850€ every month, while students pursuing doctorate degree  gets 1,2000€.

  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

This scholarship option seeks to through academic financial aid the promotion of social democracy. It is available for international students applicants who are studying in Germany or doing their Doctorate degree in the country. In order to meet the eligibility criteria for this scholarship, students need to demonstrate skills that are exceptional in the German language, even if the course being taken by the individual student is in the English language.

The scholarship beneficiaries accept forty people per year, as the undergraduate holders of the scholarship get 830€, while those who are on their masters programme will receive a total of 850€. And added to this would be insurance costs for those in the masters degree programme.

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  • DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme supports students from all areas of the world who are studying in German universities, without consideration for the personal income, parent income, and nationality of the recipient. A collaboration between the public and the private sector which consists of individual sponsors, foundations, and businesses.

The private sector gives 150€ monthly financial support to the beneficiaries of the scholarship, while the German federal government adds another 150€ to the amount. Individual institutions determine the requirements that will qualify the students for this schoilarship awards in their institution.

The scholarship award covers two semesters but may continue if after review of the two semesters, the students still meets the required criteria for the scholarship.

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This is the information you need about scholarships for international students in Germany. If you are considering an international location for your studies and you are not a German citizen, Germany would be a great choice destination for you.

The scholarship opportunity options available in the place are numerous. Go for it. And do not forget to share this piece.

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